Motobatt Baby Boy 6/12V 500mA Charger


Motobatt Maintenence Charger Fat Boy 

6/12V Switchable 500mA Maintenence Suitable for batteries up to 20ah

  • 6/12V Switchable 500mA
  • 3 Step Microprocessor
  • Suggested for 4 to 20AH batteries
  • Premium Retail Packaging
  • Includes: 1 x Ring lead 1 x Clip Lead
  • Can be used also on remote control toys

Motobatt BabyBoy 6/12V Charge and Maintain

  • It might be the Baby but it still packs a punch! 
  • Perfect low cost charger for smaller battery applications or remote locations. 
  • Baby Boy will charge small 6 or 12V batteries up to 20 Amp Hours. 
  • Simple flick of a switch selects 6 or 12V Charging.

3 Step Microprocessor will bring batteries to Full Charge before transitioning to maintenance mode.

Incorporating Overcharge, Reverse Polarity, and Short Circuit Protection.

Babyboy can also be used for charging Toy batteries.

The Motobatt Babyboy is not designed to recharge deeply discharged or heavily sulphated batteries. 

Motobatt Babyboy 6v/12v 500mA Switchable Charger Maintainer