MB-PRO Battery Tester

Tester 6/12V Motobatt Pro Test & Charge

6 and 12V Battery, 12V Charging and Starting System

Operating Range:
20-450 CCA

Battery Test / Rating Selection:
Custom test by MotoBatt part number code, Regular Liquid, AGM Flatplate, AGM spiral, VRLA / Gel, - CCA(SAE), EN, JIS, DIN, IEC

7 - English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese

1.5 to 30V

Test Type:
Micro Load Dynamic Resistance 

2 line - 16 chartacter LCD

Easy to use, numeric and graphical state of health (SOH) and state of charge (SOC) test results, LCD interface, accurately tests discharged batteries, Exclusive - "Å“Test-N-Charge" capability, No Internal battery, durable impact resistant housing with protective rubber boot and field replacable clip leads (part# 4-MBTCL).

"Test-N-Charge" cable (Part# 4-MBTEL available seperately) is designed to work with Test-N-Charge enabled testers (4-MBPro and 4-MBMini) to permanently mount on vehicle battery to facilitate fast and easy in-vehicle battery maintenance charging and battery
starting and charging system testing; all through this easily accessible single lead. Includes 9V battery.

L-7.4" (188mm), W- 4" (102mm), H- 2" (21mm) 

Lead Set:
47" / 119cm, small motorcycle clips

Motobatt Custom Tester 6/12V ProTest 

Workshop System and Battery Tester

The Proplus will test any battery up to 2000cca and in addition will test the vehicle charging system. Understand your problem quickly to avoid costly towing and repairs.

Extremely simple to use

  • Custom test by Motobatt Part Number. Cycle Screen and find the matching battery. 
  • Normal test by SLA, AGM, Flooded Types JIS, SAE
  • Press the Test button to see the result.
  • State of Charge and State of Health Indicator
  • Back-Lit with Adjustable brightness for dark work areas
  • Sensible Motorcycle Sized Clamps for solid connection
Tester Motobatt 6/12V Pro Battery Test and Charge Rate