Motobatt 125A Digital Load Tester

Product of Motobatt:
Motobatt 125A Digital Load Tester

Application: 12V Battery, 12V Charging System
Operating Range: Up to 400 CCA
Voltmeter: 0 to 15.0V
Test Type: Timed, auto shut off 125 Amp resistance load
Display: 3 character LED Display plus 3 LED indicators
Lead Set: 25" / 64 cm - Special motorcycle battery terminal sized clamps
Features: Durable metal housing, easy to use, true 125A load test, microprosessor controlled, automatically turns load off after 10 seconds and through special "test and hold" feature, holds under load voltage reading for comparison to test matrix on tester face allows for accuracy over our competition, touch button again for charging system voltage. Comparison to matix on tester face, reverse polarity indication, built in wall hanger.