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Basic Diagnostics for electrical systems on Motorcycles

A charging system on a motorcycle which is modern and working as intended will produce voltage at the battery terminals between 13.5V DC and 14.7V DC over the entire rev range. Some European models can read up to 14.9V. At a basic level you can check this will a multimeter when you start the bike. You can also see the voltage drop while cranking which can also give insight to how strong the battery is. If the voltage starts out around 13v standing then drops below 9V when starting, it may indicate a worn battery or too much load pull from another source.

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How To Install A Motorcycle Battery

Most powersport batteries where possible are installed in the upright position by design.Obviously, anything that is filled with liquid has a top and a bottom and you don’t want it to spill!On later model machines as technology has advanced the space for the battery has become compromised. In order to find somewhere for the battery to be located there has become a need for batteries to lie in the prone position or at an angle.

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How To Charge A Motorcycle Battery

Motobatt Quadflex is a Sealed Factory Activated AGM (absorbed glass matt) battery. For charging, it only needs to have the correct charger with an AGM algorithm applied, making it a very safe and acid free process. While this blog is for Motobatt batteries, the same process is true for any sealed powersport battery.

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