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Dirt Bike Batteries

Batteries for your Dirt bikes, 12 Volt Lithium & AGM Batteries from Motobatt US


Equip your dirt bikes with the best 12-volt Lithium and AGM dirt bike batteries from Motobatt. Whether you’re on the track or venturing off-road, you’re going to want reliable power for your ride. As a patented dirt bike battery supplier, Motobatt has some of the best AGM and lithium batteries on the market today.


With distribution globally, you now have access to top-tier dirt bike batteries, parts and accessories, specially designed for easy installation without compromising on the original equipment (OE) fit you’ve come to expect. 


Explore our range of dirt bike battery chargers and accessories built to meet the demands of your Powersport activities and push you past your limits.


Motobatt provides powerful and long-lasting batteries designed to enhance your experience on both the track and the trail. Try Motobatt and experience the difference with a technologically advanced 12-volt dirt bike battery.

36 Products

MPLXKTM16-P Motobatt LifePo4 Lithium Battery
RRP: $85.69

Out of Stock

MBT6N4 Motobatt 6V AGM Battery
RRP: $42.69

In Stock

MBT6N6 Motobatt 6V AGM Battery
RRP: $46.45

In Stock

MB3U Motobatt 12V AGM Battery
RRP: $43.94

+50 in Stock

MBT4BB Motobatt 12V AGM Battery
RRP: $43.94

+250 in Stock

MBTX4U Motobatt 12V AGM Battery
RRP: $45.20

+10 in Stock

MB7CA Motobatt 12V AGM Battery
RRP: $72.82

Out of Stock

MB7U Motobatt 12V AGM Battery
RRP: $69.05

+10 in Stock

MBTX7ABS Motobatt 12V AGM Battery
RRP: $73.32

In Stock

MBTX7U Motobatt 12V AGM Battery
RRP: $67.80

+50 in Stock

MBTZ7S Motobatt 12V AGM Battery
RRP: $62.78

+250 in Stock

MCZ7S Motobatt Classic Black AGM FA Battery
RRP: $37.03

+50 in Stock

MB9U Motobatt 12V AGM Battery
RRP: $82.74

Out of Stock

MBT9B-4 Motobatt 12V AGM Battery
RRP: $79.98

+50 in Stock

MBTX9U Motobatt 12V AGM Battery
RRP: $79.98

Out of Stock

MBTX9UHD Motobatt 12V AGM Battery
RRP: $79.98

In Stock

MCX9 Motobatt Classic Black AGM FA Battery
RRP: $42.71

+50 in Stock

Which Dirt bikes are these Batteries Compatible with?

Motobatt batteries are compatible with virtually any dirt bike. In addition to our 12-volt models, we also carry 6-volt batteries for smaller dirt bike models, such as 50cc or 80cc.


Can a dirt bike battery be charged easily? Can Motobatt Batteries be recharged?

Whether or not your dirt bike battery can be charged easily depends on a few factors:

  • your battery type
  • if your dirt bike has an easily accessible battery compartment
  • the age and condition of your battery
  • charger compatibility (charger matches battery type and voltage)


Modern lithium-ion batteries are generally easier to charge than their older lead-acid battery counterparts. Lithium batteries require far less maintenance and are less likely to overcharge.


Smart chargers can detect the battery's state automatically and adjust the charging parameters to prevent overcharging and subsequent damage.


Shop our battery charger range for waterproof chargers, charger cables, lithium-ion chargers, AGM chargers, or lead-acid chargers for your dirt bike’s battery.


Are AGM batteries necessary for Dirt Bikes? 

While not absolutely necessary, AGM batteries are a highly recommended and excellent option for dirt bikes. They do an amazing job replacing the spill-prone flooded lead-acid batteries that many older dirt bikes come with.


Unlike traditional batteries, AGM batteries don't require checking electrolyte levels or topping up with water. Their sealed design renders them leak-proof and eliminates the risk of acid spills which are harmful to both your dirt bike and the environment.


Motobatt has AGM batteries, Lithium-ion batteries, and even Lithium Hybrid AGM batteries for power like you’ve never experienced in a battery before.


What is the voltage of the batteries on dirt bikes? 

Most dirt bikes today are fitted with a 12-volt battery. Some older, vintage dirt bikes will use a 6-volt one, but modern dirt bikes typically have 12V batteries. 


A healthy dirt bike battery that is fully charged will be in the voltage range of 12.7-13.6 volts. 


Take Your Dirt Bike to the Next Level with a New Battery at Motobatt

Upgrade your dirt bike's performance and reliability with an advanced AGM or lithium-ion battery from Motobatt. Visit our website today or contact us directly at 1 (833) 668-6228 to find the perfect dirt bike battery to take your riding to the next level.