MB-CCRT Battery Ring Terminal Connectors

MB-CCRT Charger Cable  21"(53cm) Ring Terminal Harness 

Contains: 25x Quick Disconnect Extension Cable

Cable Length 21" (53cm) 

Cable Size: 18AWG

Fuse: 7.5A

Plug Type: 2DIN (SAE)

Suits: Motobatt, Deltran Battery Tender, Shumacher, Ozcharge, and many others

MB-CCRT Charger/Battery Cable  21"(53cm) Ring Terminals

Quality 18AWG wire Ring Terminal Harness used to fit many battery chargers including Battery Tender, Battery Minder, Schumacher, Schauer, Yuasa, Pulsetech, Ozcharge.

  • 21" 18AWG Cables with 7.5A Fuse
  • Attach direct to any Power sport Battery
  • Suitable for all Motobatt Chargers
  • Suits also many other brand Chargers
  • Plug right in when Vehicle is not in Use.
  • 2 DIN Plug end with Dustcap
Charger Cable Lead 21" 53cm with Ring Terminals and DIN Plug Quick Disconnect Fits Battery Tender, Schumacher, Ozcharge, Optimate, and many battery chargers