Motobatt Maintenance Charger MBRC1 with MHTZ14S Motobatt Hybrid Lithium Battery

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With a monster 400 Cranking Amps at Ambient temperatures the MHTZ14S Hybrid Battery has no peer. Go beyond the limits of both Lead acid and Lithium chemistries in one battery! Once again Motobatt surprises the world in original innovation and technology advances. Placing itself at the forefront of the Powersports industry, after several years of research and development it has launched the newly created Hybrid technology. Features Hybrid can replace 92 High capacity part numbers with just 5 SKU's Completely compatible with all Powersport charging systems old or new No Special Charger required, no extra cost for big CCA! Faster charging time, rapid recovery of voltage Uniquely versatile with its "M-Flex" terminal providing solid multi connection posts, fits more bikes Outstanding reliable cranking Power in hot and cold conditions Highest Specific Energy and Energy Density Longer cycle life than Lithium or Lead acid Double the Amp Hour capacity of Lithium, superior to Lead acid Protection against overcharging and over discharging Dynamic cell balancing Longer shelf life Lowest cost of ownership and less landfill Less expensive than Lithium only designs with superior performance 30% Lighter than Lead Acid Designs 3 year warranty Motobatt MBRC1 Charger Customers told us they don’t want to study engineering just to charge a battery. Motobatt responded with the Little Boy Charger Maintainer. Application: All Powersports ride and maintain situations. A highly versatile charger that will charge larger batteries and the correct voltage for AGM Plates. Comes with handy Ring Terminal charging harness to connect right to your machine Features 6 volt or 12 volt 4 Step Fully Automatic Charger. Just flick the switch 6 or 12V, don't wonder what all those flashing lights mean. Red stop, yellow working on it, green go. Plug and Leave. Optimized for Motobatt AGM Batteries Motobatt's clever Microprocessor reads the correct voltage of the battery connected, the 4 Phase process monitors the battery resistance 100's of times per second during charging mode. Qualification Stage checks the battery is over 2V for safety reasons, then transitions to "Rescue" Phase where an arsenal of 4 different recovery modes can be utilized to revive heavily Sulfated or deeply discharged batteries. Generally at this stage unusually high voltage is seen early in the charge cycle, once the rescue phase is done the battery is ready for When the charger detects a low initial state of charge, voltage and current are delivered at a specific rate to assist the battery recovery before entering Pulse charging mode. Recondition Phase Provides a high frequency pulse charge to help the newly recovering battery to accept charge as it enters recondition mode. Continues to work the battery at a slightly higher voltage and amperage to re-activate the battery plates for improved depth of charge. Now that the battery has been eased back to life……. Bulk charge phasecan begin giving constant current to the battery up to about 80% of its capacity. Absorption Phasebegins with constant voltage being supplied while current is reduced. This occurs according to the batteries ability to accept charge up to 100%. Monitors the batteries ability to hold the charge properly, if not it will cycle back through the entire process for 24 hours or more until it determines the battery cannot be recovered. For revived batteries it then enters Maintenance Phase where the battery can stay indefinitely connected to the charger. As the battery drops voltage while unused, the unit will activate when needed to ensure a full state of readiness. Keeping your batteries properly maintained will dramatically Extend working Life.


Yuasa YTZ10S, YTZ12S, YTZ14S

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