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FAQs - MotoBatt Battery Chargers

Are "Smart" MAINTAINERS Or Simple "Trickle" CHARGERS Required For Powersports Battery Applications?

Yes, because of the way Powersports vehicles are generally used, they require the twofold benefits of a "smart" microprocessor controlled CHARGER and MAINTAINER to charge and maintain the battery at all times during non-use is best; and for possible periods long of inactivity, and/or for offsetting any parasitic loads (vehicle computers, clocks, alarms, etc). This will extend the life of your battery and keep your battery maintained at a full charge safely, and always ready for use.

What Should Be Used To Charge Or Maintain Modern AGM Batteries?

Smart chargers are required for use on all AGM or GEL batteries. Sealed Valve Regulated batteries (AGM and Gel) may be damaged or dried out and ruined if they are overcharged. The damage that can be caused by improper charging becomes permanent and gets worse over time. All major Powersports vehicle manufacturers now use AGM batteries from the factory. The correct way to charge or maintain these AGM batteries is with a smart charger, and with its exclusive 9 step algorithm technology MOTOBATT is the best option.

What Can Happen If A Manual Or "Non-Smart" Charger Is Used On A AGM Or GEL Battery?

Bottom line is manual chargers are NOT suitable for AGM or GEL batteries. Unless monitored constantly they may cause overcharging from too high constant voltage, which is the cause of swelling of the battery case in AGM and GEL batteries during charging (a faulty charging system may also cause overcharging and subsequent swelling of the battery case). Note this is NOT a valid warranty claim on any GEL or AGM battery. The message is simple, use a suitable Motobatt smart charger with all lead acid batteries, especially AGM and GEL batteries.

Which MOTOBATT MAINTAINER For Which Size Battery?

Matching a MOTOBATT CHARGER AND MAINTAINER with battery capacity is not required, as voltage and amperage are constantly monitored, and reduced or increased by the unique Motobatt 9 stage charging and maintenance process. However you may wish to choose a MOTOBATT CHARGER AND MAINTAINER to suit your budget or your performance requirements.

MOTOBATT models: Little Boy, Water Boy, Big Boy, Fat Boy, Dual Bank and Quad Bank are a microprocessor controlled "Charger and Maintainer" in one unit, and enable a regular consumer without battery knowledge to properly charge and maintain any lead acid battery safely.

MOTOBATT models: Baby Boy Charger will charge 6 or 12V Power Sports batteries to full charge then move into safe mode and automatically shut off. The Baby Boy Charger is not designed to charge a large dead flat or sulphated battery.

Can Motobatt Maintainers Be Used On Automotive And Marine Batteries?

Yes, Motobatt Charger/Maintainers (models Little Boy, Water Boy, Big Boy, Fat Boy, Dual Bank and Four Bank) are suitable for use on all domestic lead acid batteries, including automotive and marine. Fat Boy model and up are of higher specification and will provide subsequent greater performance on larger batteries.