Installation Guide

How To Fit Your New Motobatt Battery

Step 1

Check that you have a set of terminals, fastening screws and / or cable connectors inside the battery carton with the battery. All batteries come with the appropriate wrench, terminals, connectors and/or spacers for proper fitment.

Step 2

Check the battery voltage to assure that it is fully charged somewhere between 12.85V and 12.7V.

Step 3

Match the terminal placement and height and/or width adaptor compared to your old battery. Do not be concerned if you do not need to use all of the spacers, if any to match your old batteries size – simply don't use them.

Step 4

Lift off the protective red and black caps with a small screwdriver or knife. The threaded brass button terminals will be revealed. If you are not using a side spacer or additional accessories, be sure to use the appropriate red and black caps to plug the unused terminals.

Note: Ensure you charge the battery fully prior to use.

Step 5

Attach terminals with stainless steel hex cap screws in appropriate location for the required polarity. It is not necessary to put thread locker on the terminal screws as the threaded button type terminals in the batteries are tapered for a lock- fit. Unlike the small OE battery terminal bolt and nut fitment, the cap screws are very easy to fit onto the threaded brass terminals using the hex key included in the box. Do not over tighten.

Note: You can use the terminals to face the front top, or the sides of the battery to accept whatever location your vehicles battery cable routing requires.

Step 6

Place your Motobatt battery in your vehicle and install battery cables to the brass terminals on the battery with the wrench and stainless steel cap screws provided.

Note: For fitting of aftermarket accessories the alternate set of terminals can be used to simplify attachment of extra eyelet leads for a maintenance charger, heated clothing, GPS, mobile phone chargers and the like. Just ask you dealer for an extra terminal kit available at a small additional cost.