MLX30UHD-HP Motobatt LifePo4 Lithium Battery Replaces MBTX30U

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Motobatt Pro Lithium High Performance Racing batteries are the leader in the Powersports Industry and LifPo4 Batteries Application: The safest most stable chemistry available,utilizing Dynamic cell balancing to maximize cranking power. Durable with up to 3 Times life, no sulfation issues and low self discharge rate. Super Light weight to provide you the competitive edge! FeaturesDynamic Cell Balancer optimizes each cell voltage to maximum Over Charge Protection-Prevents the machine or charger from overcharging the battery-Cut off 15.4V Under Discharge Protection-Prevents the battery being overdischarged to premature failure-Cut off 8v Thermal Protection-Temperature sensor shuts down before dangerous temperatures can occur-Cut off 75C Reactivate from shutdown with Motobatt PDCFB Charger or any charger which will start from 0 Volts. Lithium Pro Batteries for your performance ride!


Yuasa Y60N24A, Y60N24ALB, Y60N24LA, Y60N24LA2, 12N24-3, 12N24-3A, 12N24-4, 12N24-4A, YIX30, YIX30L, YIX30L-PW, YIX30L-BS, YIX30L-BS-PW, YB30LB, YB30CLB, Y60N30LA, Y60N30LB, GYZ32HL, 52515, 53030
Motobatt MBTX30U, MBTX30UHD, MHTX30, MBC30HL


Battery TypeMLX30UHD-HP Lifepo4
Capacity (10HR)18Ah
Weight1.78kg / 3.92Ibs
Dimensions (in / mm)L: 6.54(166) W: 4.96(126) H: 6.89(175)
TH: 7.56(192)
Assembly Figure Terminal Locations4
Terminals4, Fixed
Screws2, M6X10 (Part#2xMPS3)
Spacer166x126x175 x 17mm Bottom Spacer (Part#EVA 9),

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Sodium salt, Lead and Lead, Nickel (Metallic), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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