MBTZ26RHD Motobatt 12V AGM Battery-NEW!

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This MBTZ26RHD has been designed specifically for Heavy duty cycling such as experienced on modern day UTV vehicles where stereo systems, light bars and other additional electronics are fitted. This creates a problem with the charging system being constantly overloaded whilst trying to recharge the standard poor quality starting battery which is designed for a car, not an UTV. This issue is exacerbated when adding sound systems which draw a lot of amperage. Off road vehicles experience the triple threat to any battery of Vibration, excessive drawdown, and huge current pull while under load when winching, using amplifiers and big speakers. Add trying to tug two chunky dudes out of a bog hole at the same time and life becomes a struggle. Motobatt has answered the industry need again with a vibration proof, high cycling battery with more than enough CCA, but focusing on capacity in reserve so you have more up your sleeve to power up your goodies on board. But that's not all! With our patented 4 Terminal design now you can easily set two batteries up in series to give you up to 108AH of monster capacity by simply adding cables you can source from any auto store. No brackets required. It fits right in to the standard battery hole, and you can mount the second battery anywhere else you please for extra power. Not to mention you are doubling up your CCA as well, and reliably! We do recommend you used a DC to DC isolator to keep your house battery separated from your start battery. That way you cant get stranded ever. But in reality if you are running a dual battery your always going to be good for a jump start. Motobatt Quadflex batteries , the first and unique 4 terminal system, proposes the best balance between CCA and Amp hour capacity. Due to utilizing the wasted space inside a standard battery case, Motobatt maximizes the dimensions of the plates internally. Additionally the plate grids are made thicker, and that with the additional density of the pasting improves the Amp Hour capacity, durability and Cold cranking Amps. Motobatt has completely changed the Powersport market by improving an old design. Features 20% More Amp Hour capacity* 10% More Cold Cranking Amps* Heavy Duty 99% Pure Lead Calcium cast grids for high strength More surface area per plate for superior performance and longevity Military grade Absorbed Glass Matt separators, vibration resistant Multi Terminal Design, Easy to add accessories Factory Activated, No Acid to fill, Simply check charge and go! Extremely low self discharge rate 12 Month Full Replacement warranty


Polaris 4012864, 4012864-P, 4014043, 4014132, 4014132, 4014132-P, 4015591, 26PRMJ, 526MF BCI Group 26
Kawasaki 26012-7501, 26012-0619, 26012/A
Yuasa YBX9140R


Battery TypeMBTZ26RHD
Capacity (20HR)54AH
Weight15.4KG, 34lbs
Dimensions (in / mm)L: 7 5/8 (195) x W: 6 1/2 (165) x 7 (178) x TH: 7 5/8 (195)
Assembly Figure Terminal Locations4
TerminalsLead SAE Terminals for Dual Battery Set up and Additional accessory connections

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Sodium salt, Lead and Lead, Nickel (Metallic), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.
For more information, visit https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/.

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