MB-T Motobatt Fixed Load Battery Tester 12V

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MB-T Motobatt Fixed Digital Load 12 Volt Battery Tester and System Tester Application: You cant beat this Actual Load Battery Tester for testing Pesky batteries that show as charged, but then wont start the Engine. Tell your customer within seconds what is going on. Can also test the charge system in the Motorcycle to check for irregularities. No chasing Voltmeter needles with this bright LED readout which holds the lowest Amp Reading at the end of a ten second Load. Features: MB-T Durable metal housing, easy to use, true 125A load test, Microprocessor controlled. Automatically turns load off after 10 seconds and through special “test and hold" feature. Holds the under load voltage reading to compare with the test matrix on the tester face. Touch button again for charging system voltage indication and comparison to matrix on tester face. Reverse polarity indication, built in wall hanger. To test a battery: 1. Connect up the leads of the charger to the corresponding terminal polarity, note the voltage on the LED display. If the Voltage is reading below 12.6V put the battery on a charger to recharge. 2. Press the green enter button once-this will now load the battery for 10 seconds. After which the lowest voltage seen will display on the screen. 3. Use the matrix on the face of the tester to measure the batteries performance under load. Choose the CCA rating of the battery, the voltage should not drop below the indicated number on the matrix. If the battery held above the indicated lowest voltage its a pass. If it is lower the battery is failing and needs to be replaced. To test the charging system: 1. Follow step 1 as above 2. Ensure all loads (lights indicators etc) are switched to off 3. Start the engine and the screen will indicate the voltage drop at startup 4. Once the engine is running you will be able to see the indicated charge rate on the LED Display 5. Now turn on loads, like headlights and indicators, the voltage should maintain steady 6. Turn of the machine, un-clip the tester and your done


Tester TypeMBT Digital Load Battery Tester and System analyzer
Voltage12 V
Operating Range400 CCA or Less (Element damage will occur if used on larger batteries)
True Loading Capacity125 Amp
Volt Meter Range0-15 V
Test TypeTimed, Auto Shut off, 125A resistance load
Display3 Character LED Display, plus 3 LED Indicators
Lead Set25" (64cm), Specifically Powersports sizes clamps
DimensionsLength 9.4" (239mm), Width 3.4" (86mm), Height 3.4" (86mm)

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Sodium salt, Lead and Lead, Nickel (Metallic), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.
For more information, visit https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/.

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Good for bench testing customer batteries


This is a great load tester to keep on the counter. We use it to test customer batteries. Most the time we find they are just flat. Easy to read LED and only takes 10 seconds for a pass or fail. Gets hot so be careful where you sit it after use