MBD12350NB Motobatt 12V AGM Battery

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Motobatt Deep Cycle Batteries offer the largest Amp Hour capacity per case size in the Industry today. AGM Maintenance Free valve regulated (VLRA) construction make Motobatt the definitive choice for the discerning buyer. Extremely clean and able to be charged without the danger of spillages and heavy gassing our batteries are perfect for inside charging and usage. With Motobatts unique construction techniques we have been able to develop industry leading reserve power capable of multiple charge cycles. High Purity Lead calcium alloy grids Thicker full frame plates Hand Made for exceptional Quality Control Process Proprietary Paste formulation for heavy duty performance Low resistance micro porous glass matt separators Faster charge acceptance C10 Rated Longer Cycle Life with Extreme durability Multi attachment terminals for solar, automotive, industrial or marine


Group U1 Lifeline AGM1234T, Full River DC35-12A, UPG12350 Solar, Telecommunications, RV, Wheelchair Mobility, Marine, Automotive, Renewable Energy Storage, Security and UPS in fact anywhere a quality deep cycle battery is required.


Battery TypeMB12350NB
Rated Capacity (20HR)35AH
Dimensions (in / mm)Total Height Including Terminals: L:195mm (7.68) W:130 (5.12) H:155mm (6.10)
Weight9.21KG (20.30) Lbs
Capacity 77F (25C)
20 Hour Rate35AH
10 Hour Rate32AH
5 Hour Rate
Reserve Capacity @25Amps48 Minutes
Reserve Capacity @75Amps
Internal Resistance (Fully Charged)10 Ohms
Capacity Affected by temperature (20HR)104F (40C) 102% 77F (25C) 100% 32F (0C) 85% 5F (-15C) 65%
Self Discharge 77F (25C)3 Months 91% 6 Months 82% 12 Months 65%
Max Discharge Current 77F (25C)1000A 5S
TerminalLug Terminal with Stainless Nut and Bolt
ChargingCycle 14.5V-14.9V Float 13.6V-13.8V

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Sodium salt, Lead and Lead, Nickel (Metallic), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.
For more information, visit https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/.

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