MHTX30 Motobatt Hybrid Lithium Battery

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With a monster 820 Cranking Amps at Ambient temperatures the MHTX30 Hybrid Battery has no peer. Go beyond the limits of both Lead acid and Lithium chemistries in one battery! Once again Motobatt surprises the world in original innovation and technology advances. Placing itself at the forefront of the Powersports industry, after several years of research and development it has launched the newly created Hybrid technology. Motobatt Hybrid was designed specifically to address the known industry challenges with Lithium only batteries in Powersports applications. Larger V Twin motorcycles like Harley Davidson and Ducati draw down hard on the battery as huge inrush currents are required to spin the large starter motors found on these long stroke twins. Any battery not in tip top condition will struggle to "hold the CCA" required to make a successful ignition in modern Big Twins. Motobatt Hybrid has the correct Amp Hour capacity and voltage to create the "watts" required for the job. A prefect and harmonious blend of Lead and Lithium achieving the a much superior performance than either by way of increased Amp Hour capacity and Lithium Cranking performance. You can read a full article here Hybrid can replace 92 High capacity part numbers with just 5 SKU's Completely compatible with all Powersport charging systems old or new No Special Charger required, no extra cost for big CCA! Faster charging time, rapid recovery of voltage Uniquely versatile with its "M-Flex" terminal providing solid multi connection posts, fits more bikes Outstanding reliable cranking Power in hot and cold conditions Highest Specific Energy and Energy Density Longer cycle life than Lithium or Lead acid Double the Amp Hour capacity of Lithium, superior to Lead acid Protection against overcharging and over discharging Dynamic cell balancing Longer shelf life Lowest cost of ownership and less landfill Less expensive than Lithium only designs with superior performance 30% Lighter than Lead Acid Designs 3 YEAR WARRANTY


Yuasa GYZ32HL, YTX30, YTX30L, YTX30BS, YTX30HBS, YTX30LBS, YTX30HLBS, YIX30L-PW, , YTX30HL-PW, YIX30L, YIX30, YB16B, YB16B2, YB30CLB, YB30LB, Y60N30LA, Y60N30LB, Y60N24A, Y60N24ALB, Y60N24LA, Y60N24LA2, 52515, 53030, 12N24-4, 12N24-3, 12N24-3A, 12N24-4A
ODYSSEY PC925 (Side Mounted)


Battery TypeMHTX30
MCA (CA@ 0C 7.2V)550
Capacity (10HR)24 Hybrid Ah, (Equivalent 34 Pb Ah)
PHCA (CA@ 27C 7.2V)820
Weight7 kg / 15.4 lbs
Dimensions (in / mm)6.53(166) W: 4.96(126) H: 6.89(175)
TW: 3.94(100) TH: 6.89(151)
Assembly Figure Terminal Locations4
Terminal Nut Block2 Pos, M6X1.0 (Part#MHALN01) and 1 Pos, M6X1.0,(#MHALN02)
Screws4, M6X12 (Part#MHAS01) 8, M5X12 (#MHAS02)
Terminal Cover2, (Part#MHATC01) Red,Black
EVA Spacers1, 17mm Bottom,(Part#MHASP02)
1, 15mm Back, (Part# MHASP03)

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Sodium salt, Lead and Lead, Nickel (Metallic), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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This thing is insane Starts my high comp dresser like a champion


I have tried several Lithium batteries in my dresser and they all shit themselves within a month. I have big cams and a mild tune and the bike really struggled to start. I fitted this it is a little heavier than lithium but it starts way better and i can run my sound system without the battery going flat. This battery does what it says, so far so good